VIDEO REVIEW: The Victorian by Lydia L Vaughn

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The Victorian

The Victorian by Lydia L. Vaughn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Creative, flirty, and fun!

Alicia gets kicked out and falls on hard times. While drowning her sorrows one night she meets enigmatic Danna and her partner Pearl. It leads to the opportunity of lifetime. Wary of what she is getting herself into, Alicia is hesitant but she really needs a place to stay, and some stability in her life. She is also curious, so she graciously accepts Danna and Pearl’s offer. Alicia discovers an artistic, creative, scene, but it isn’t all it seems.

I loved the creative, artistic air this story had. Mixed with erotica it made it sensual and gave wonderful descriptions that gave vibrant imagery to the words. When I read the title of this book I thought it might be historic, and a bit dark, but I was pleasantly surprised by how wonderful this story is. It was a feelgood story about how kindness is key to building meaningful, trusting relationships, and finding good, true friends. Alicia’s experience is one you really get to live with her, and it isn’t without surprises either. This was such a sensual read, and will be perfect for any erotica fan.

I just enjoyed the story, it was well written, and exciting. There wasn’t anything not to like.

Alicia is quite the realistic character. Her circumstances are relatable to many, and her position is also one some might recognise. She is curious but hesitant, like most of us, but with nothing to lose she takes a chance. I loved how she was hesitant, yet willing to experience what she had the first time she met Danna and Pearl. She also really embraced their world once she realised it would make her feel safe.

Her interactions were different with the characters she encountered depending on how they fitted into the story. Allies were treated with caution but she opened up, those how threatened her she remained wary of, and was good at using her intuition to know someone wasn’t all they seemed. The most intense relationship of Alicia’s is that with her sister. It is strained, and Lydia really captured this well in their interactions.

A great read for any erotica fan. I would recommend this book.

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VIDEO REVIEW: Jobyna’s Blues by Jane Alden  

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Jobyna's Blues

Jobyna’s Blues by Jane Alden

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An enjoyable, insightful story.

This a story of two halves. The past with Lily and Jobyna, and the future with Lily’s granddaughter Jobie. Lily discovers she has feelings for Jobyna after finding herself a part of the famous singer’s show as a dancing girl, but fate doesn’t hold happiness in store, and their relationship ends in tragedy, but years later in different times, namesake Jobie is finding her feet in the ruthless business of showbiz and is also trying to follow her heart and be true to herself. Will history repeat itself over the generations?

What truly made this book something special was the contrast in time over the decades. Jane Alden has very cleverly interwoven a story of generations to deliver a thrilling read. The historic timeline gives an insightful look into days gone by in a lovely way, but means you can learn something, and that is what I love about Jane’s books. Never a dull moment, and an experience of a time I know about but haven’t physically known. Jane Alden really paints the glamour of the 1920’s and the free spirit and determination love of the 60’s. You get thrown right back in time with vivid imagery, and such wonderful characters that you really feel you are experiencing their stories first hand. There was also a lot of similarities in the lives of Lily and Jobie, and I think that was a lovely way to show how history – in some ways – has a habit of repeating itself.

I really enjoyed every moment of this story, and the contrast but I would have loved a little more of Jobyna and Lily because it was so amazing.

The story is very much Lily’s really and she is such a character to admire. After all she went through, she carried on with her life and continues to make the best of it and encourage her granddaughter. She’s been through such tragedy, yet she is so charismatic, even on her 97th birthday. I really think Lily is an amazing character and everyone should meet her.

The rest of the characters just shine, and Lily although shy when she was younger, and reserved as an older woman isn’t over shone by the bold characters that make her life so colourful, but respected and admired by them. She’s like a glue, holding her family together, and holding on to dreams she can only fathom from memories. What a character!

A definite must read. This was a hidden gem, and if you haven’t grabbed a copy, you are seriously missing out.

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VIDEO REVIEW: The X Ingredient by

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The X Ingredient

The X Ingredient by Roslyn Sinclair

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh My God! Where has this book been all my life!

Laurie wants this job so badly, but she gets more than she bargained for both in her new position, and with boss Diana. Together they come to an ‘arrangement’ but there are always consequences, as both ladies find out. Will they be good or bad though?

So straight away this book ticked two boxes for me – Ice Queen, Age Gap – and I wasn’t even past that sexy cover (which I was totally sold on! Because it is hot!!!), so I knew I probably would love this book. You guessed it; I did. Seriously, where has this book been all my life? The ups and downs, the intensity, the sex scenes, it was so perfect and I was addicted from that very first chapter.

The way the book is written, in first person, gives an intimate story of emotions, thoughts, and feelings, from both characters points of view and made for such an intense reading experience. I could literally empathise with both characters, and relate to them despite the differences between them. The best bit was the role reversal though, so clever and innovative. I won’t tell you exactly how the role reversal comes about because you know, spoilers!!! And all that, but when you read this and you learn how you will be amazed! Totally brilliant.

The story was just pure perfection. I am struggling to explain how in words but it is all down to those intimate thoughts that the first person narrative gives insight to, and it makes the whole story so real.

So Diana, let’s talk about her biggest thing; DENIAL!!! This really made her character for me. She is one thing inside, and totally another outside, almost Jekyll and Hyde but not quite. This just made me love her more. The way she behaves, to the way her and Laurie interact, all of it was totally perfected for a character in denial – yes, I recognise some of these traits! Laurie is something else altogether. Bubbly, bright, yet unsure and vulnerable, but she has hidden depths which quickly surface around Diana, and that’s it, as soon as they do we are thrown head first into this emotional, yet powerful dynamic between them that just makes them the ultimate! Really, like this is the type of thing you’d fantasise about but never imagine could happen, and that is exactly where Laurie finds herself, yet she is living the dream!

It was sexy! It was stylish! It was hot! What more could you want? This is definitely a must read!!!

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VIDEO REVIEW: Daughter Of Fire: Conspiracy Of The Dark by Karen Frost

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Daughter of Fire: Conspiracy of the Dark (Destiny and Darkness #1)

Daughter of Fire: Conspiracy of the Dark by Karen Frost

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Quite the mystical magical adventure

Aeryn dreams of the magic told to her in stories by travellers when she is young. When she discovers she has magic herself, everything changes! She finds herself away from all she knows, experiencing the unfamiliar and meeting others like herself as they embark on embracing their powers and learning of their fate. But one, Lyse, catches Aeryn’s eye and when working closely with one another during training their friendship is sealed.

I really enjoyed this story of magic, and worlds unknown. With a Young Adult feel the story focuses more on the magic and mystery of the Ice Crown Region and the magic mage powers Aeryn possesses. I loved how it took me on an adventure, and all the uncertainty it held for Aeryn and her future made me want to read on, learn about her powers, and know more about the kingdom she lives in, so it has built up the story nicely for the next book in this series.

I found I really had to concentrate whilst reading this story to get the full benefits of enjoying it, but that is nothing different to how I usually find Fantasy books. All that world-building and mystery deserves the full attention of the reader, and the way this book is written you certainly can’t avoid doing just that.

Aeryn is an inquisitive and infectious character. Although she is uncertain and nervous, she comes across as extremely brave, very accommodating, and she deals with the changes she faces with boldness and courage. There is a lot to be admired in Aeryn. The way her story develops means her interactions with other characters hinge on that uncertainty, she has to learn to trust those that join her on her journey, rather than be afraid. Her interactions with each character start out hesitant, but as she gets to know them she opens up and so do they, this way we get quite an intimate look at their friendships, and learn what it is that makes Aeryn trust each of them.

I really enjoyed this, and I am looking forward to more from this series.

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VIDEO REVIEW: In Dyer Need by Claire Highton Stevenson

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In Dyer Need: The First Chapter

In Dyer Need: The First Chapter by Claire Highton-Stevenson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was epic!

The world could be ending, but it’s not too late for Andrea Fielding – acting Prime Minister – to find love, and with none other than her gorgeous bodyguard, Ren Dyer. They embark on an epic adventure of trust, love, and understanding when dealing with a crisis, finding happiness and a little something more in the most dire of times.

Claire knows how to deliver a great story, and this was no different. A new story, slightly different genre for Claire yet it was the most epic adventure she has brought us yet, and I now am definitely looking forward to more from Andrea and Ren.

I was practically on the edge of my seat reading this epic adventure, unable to put the book down and highly invested in the characters and their race against time to escape the mayhem and crisis of a terror attack. I was so excited yet found this nail-biting as an experience. Uncertainty lay in each turn of the page, and it wasn’t without its surprises. These characters encounter so much you can’t help but get invested in their story, experiencing everything they go through so intimately, and emotionally becoming connected with each and every one of them and their emotions.

I just need more of this!!! The story was amazing but now two wonderful characters have a future that I need to know about, no matter what it holds.

Ren Dyer is hot – undoubtedly – and her connection with Andrea, and the other characters was strong. She was stubborn, but a natural born leader and she excelled and showing these traits in her behaviour and interactions with each and every character, but she was also respectful. Ren is such an admirable character, the one everyone wants to be, or be with, and she is a total star, but she is vulnerable, and this really shines through from time to time, especially once Andrea starts breaking down her walls.

But it is Andrea who ended up being my favourite character! She’s the older woman, so naturally I adored her, but her kindness, and vulnerability was always on the surface, and even when she stood up to lead. It made her realistic, very human, and relatable and I just loved how much she loved Ren. It was intense!

Brilliant! And I can’t wait to

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