VIDEO REVIEW: Girls On Campus edited by Sandy Lowe and Stacia Seaman

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Girls on Campus

Girls on Campus by Sandy Lowe

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sensual and sexy!

Girls On Campus is an anthology of college and university based erotic stories from a variety of authors. A good variety of stories make this a book with a little something for everyone.

The variety in this book really was the spice of life! The stories were sexy, sensual, and erotic on many different levels so there really was something for everyone. From intimate erotica between close friends, to thrills and fun with colleagues and professionals. It really gave an insight into the ‘goings on’ behind closed doors at college and university. All the stories would earn extra credit, and A*s as they were truly amazing.

I got to discover some new authors, and experience a writing style from some familiar authors that was new and exciting to see what their stories held. I made some wonderful discoveries and had the best time reading this book. If you love erotica, this anthology will give you all you need, and more.
Each story just brought a new level of excitement and a different scenario. No two stories were the same, and it really made for a fun, hot, steamy, indulgent reading experience.

Each and every story was unique and therefore just made the whole experience of reading this anthology the best thing. No complaints from me.

Like the stories, each one brought unique and new characters with exciting personalities! They all had brilliant chemistry with their erotica partners, and really were all things from sexy, steamy, hot, vulnerable, shy, intimate and sensual in their behaviours and with each other.

Absolutely loved this!!! A pleasure to read and a must have for any erotica fan.

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