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Body of Work by Charlotte Mills

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Not what I expected…at all!!!

Noa is a painter on a break from the hustle and bustle of the London scene, at the instruction of her agent, to work on new art, but she is still dealing with demons from her past. She encounters nurse, Paige after hurting her ankle during a spontaneous walk as she offers her help, even though Noa is reluctant to accept. Paige drops in on Noa to check on her a few days later and finds she might have more work on her hands than she though in assisting Noa’s recovery. She is unable to shake thoughts of Noa, and after a few days the two have hit it off as acquaintances. Noa’s past demons threaten her following her heart though in falling for Paige, but she does open up and is honest. When she returns to London and discovers her agent has been trying to protect her from one of her past demons, things really take a turn and finally Noa might be getting the answers she needs to leave the past behind and embrace happiness with Paige.

Charlotte Mills really knows how to bring suspense and mystery to a story, and did not disappoint!!! I was completely intrigued by this story and spent a long time wondering how all the pieces were eventually fit together. What I got was a brilliantly woven plot with a lot to be left to the imagination. A tragedy on so many levels, but so clever, and most impressive in weaving the clues, and intrigue for the reader to be as mystified by the outcome as Noa.

I loved she met Paige and the connection they shared. Paige was brilliant at getting Noa to open up and trust her so that love could be a possibility for them both. They had all these cute moments, then some more passionate, but together they were hopelessly cute and both had a bit of shyness that made them ever more endearing.

I couldn’t help but love every second of this story, and really intensely became invested not only in Noa and Paige’s story, but in what they would uncover about the traumatic and haunting events that formed Noa’s past. The twists and turns only heightened the intense need to press on and read to find out. A great story that I struggled to put down and highly recommend. I am really looking forward to what surprises lay in store from Charlotte Mills in future!

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