VIDEO REVIEW: Backwards To Oregon by Jae 
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Backwards to Oregon by Jae

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So amazing that I just have no words!!!

Luke gives former brothel worker Nora a chance for them both to have a new life in Oregon if Nora joins her in a business arrangement to be her wife, and join a wagon trail. Luke and Nora have many secrets both from each other, and the others in their wagon train. Whilst embarking on such an epic and harrowing adventure, their pasts threaten to catch up with them and reveal secrets that could devastate the dreams they both wish for. Working as a team, Luke must learn to trust Nora, and vice versa if they are going to survive.

This was so amazing, genuinely I can’t explain how I felt when reading this and do it justice in words! This was such a powerful, emotional and moving read about harrowing and hard times. Having this experience with Nora and Luke was something truly unique because the way Jae has put the book together really made you feel you were physically there and having the same adventure and experience as they were during their travels.

The emotions you will feel when reading this are completely overwhelming. To be frightened, anxious, scared, amazed and intimate. Luke and Nora’s relationship was destined to be strained if they didn’t work as a team, and they really did embrace everything, even if it was quite hard and challenging at times. I also loved that this highlighted the treatment of women in the past, and how it was all dependent on your mind set and changing society. Luke really was an extraordinary character, and in comparison her and Nora both showed the differences in how women have had to live in the past, how they have been judged, and in some sad way highlighted how today some of this still applies in society.

I adored Luke, so very much. Both Nora and Luke were characters I admire and for very different reasons, but I want a Luke. There is only one word for her and it is PERFECT!!! Now don’t get me wrong, Luke wasn’t without flaw, but her imperfections were perfect to me and have very much found myself in love with her as a character. If I had to travel this trail, I can assure you I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone but Luke.

This is a fantastic story, one that will move you and stay with you. It’s just one of those stories you will want to read again, and again, and again. I am so moved by this story that I really can’t describe the feeling to you, it is just something you are going to have to experience for yourself. I highly recommend this, and hope you will give it a read because you really should!

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