VIDEO REVIEW: Conduit by KF Bradshaw
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Conduit by K.F. Bradshaw

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another exciting adventure!

Cassie and Andrea are living in the City of Towers, and as Royal Enchanter Andrea is busy as ever, however they must journey to a neighbouring empire to help them come to terms with the return of magic and hopefully lay to rest any outstanding feuds between their respectful cities. But Andrea has much to face and deal with in finding out the consequences of having returned magic to the land. With Cassie to protect her and love her, together they try to work through all that stands in their way, but soon find there is much more to having returned magic to Damea than they imagined.

This was brilliant adventure for Cassie and Andrea, giving them time to develop further as characters and build on that relationship established in the first book of the trilogy. It would be advisable to read the first book in the series before heading off on this adventure as it will give you a greater perspective, but K.F. Bradshaw has detailed enough backstory in the second book to give you an idea if you haven’t. I loved how adventurous this was though, a journey and on a new personal level for both Cassie and Andrea because there is more at stake between them this time.

I also adored the plot twists and turns in this addition to the trilogy. I couldn’t have predicted them, and until it all started to weave together I wouldn’t have had a clue that this was the direction this adventure would take them on. I was excited to go on this journey, learning more about the risks and consequences of the returned magic, and this instalment has only added to my excitement for the third book!!! I think there is a lot more in store for Cassie and Andrea and I can’t wait to find out what it all is.

A very intriguing mystery adventure, perfect YA fantasy, that I would highly recommend.

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