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Country Living by Jen Silver

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A lovely story

Peri has moved into a lovely cottage in countryside, awaiting the arrival of her wife joining her for the next step of their life together in a more relaxed environment than the fast paced city. When Peri’s friend discovers that Peri’s wife appears to have another life Peri was unaware of, Peri takes action. Filing for divorce she is determined to get that perfect country life she has always dreamed off, and hopefully the romance to complete it. With the support of her friends, and the family who live on the neighbouring farm, Peri builds her new life without a single look back at the wife who has destroyed her own chance at happiness.

This was so sweet in terms of Peri building her beautiful life in the country, but of course it wouldn’t be a romance without drama, and Peri’s wife provided this in buckets. I really felt for Peri. To endure such heartache, especially as an older woman, she was a fantastic character to represent that it is never too late to pick up the pieces, move on and rebuild your life. My heart broke for her when she learned of her wife’s infidelities and I admired how calmly and kindly she actual dealt with the indiscretions.

I also loved how she was your typical helpful, cheery, neighbour who is always there when you need them. She very much threw herself right into the community at her new home, and quickly made friends with the neighbours on the farm. I loved the relationship Jen built for Peri with them, and their children and how she was grandmotherly but the cool, hip, older woman next door that they could all confide in one way or another. It really was like a little drama show set in the countryside where one person is definitely part of the heart that makes a community.

Really was a sweet, cute, and slightly dramatic romance with steamy moments, and lots of happiness despite everything that had happened to Peri. I would recommend this great book, as it was just lovely.

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