Hey Everyone,

So, no video this time, but a little blog post of Top 10’s for 2020

Last year’s top 10’s, I struggled to choose which books deserved to make the lists, and once again, in 2020, it’s exactly the same. Every book I read in 2020 was great in it’s own unique way and made it pretty impossible to choose just 10 that deserved top spots. (They all deserve a shoutout!!!) So, I decided to do a few lists (and it was still really hard to choose, and took hours!).

Included in this blog post you will find the following lists:

  • Top 10 Alternative 2020 Published Reads
  • Top 10 2020 Published Reads
  • Top 10 Alternative 2020 Reads Published Before 2020
  • Top 10 2020 Reads Published before 2020
  • LESBIreviewed Favourite Reads of 2020

*Lists are in no particular order

Apologies for the super long blog, but I hope it helps you pick some great new reads 🙂

Top 10 Alternative 2020 Published Reads

  1. Drawn by Carsen Taite

2. Art Of Magic by KJ

3. Failure To Appear: Resistance, Identity and Loss by Emily L Quint Freeman

4. She Loves Me by Michelle Arnold

5. Uprooting by Suzie Carr

6. Poptastic by Victoria Holmes

7. Country Living by Jen Silver

8. Heart Of Gold by Luci Dreamer

9. The Women And The Storm by Kitty McIntosh

10. Sliding Doors by Karen Klyne

Top 10 2020 Published Reads

  1. Wrong Woman, Right Number by Jae

2. The Startling Inaccuracy Of The First Impression by Amanda Radley

3. A Heart To Trust by A. L. Brooks

4. The Love Factor by Quinn Ivins

5. All At Sea by Cheyenne Blue

6. A Roll In The Hay by Lola Keeley

7. In Her Arms by Melissa Tereze

8. Fair Game by Charlotte Mills

9. I Love You, Lola Bloom by Rosy Dee

10. Death Overdue by David S Pederson

Top 10 Alternative 2020 Reads Published Before 2020

  1. Four Steps by Wendy Hudson

2. The House by Eden Darry

3. Changing Course by Brey Willows

4. The Supernatural Detective by Crin Claxton

5. Sex, Death, & Scallops by Petrina Binney

6. Rising From Ash by Jax Meyer

7. Alice by Sam Skyborne

8. Somewhere Along The Way by Kathleen Knowles

9. The Fox, The Dog And The King by Matt Doyle

10. Locked Inside by Annette Mori

Top 10 2020 Reads Published before 2020

  1. Becoming You by Michelle Grubb

2. Summer’s Cove by Aurora Rey

3. Flesh And Gold by Ann Aptaker

4. Blind Trust by Jody Klaire

5. Incognito by VK Powell

6. One Small Step by MA Binfield

7. Cigar Club by JA Armstrong

8. Loves Encore Omnibus by Miranda MacLeod

9. Anyone But Her by Erica Lee

10. Perspective by Monica McCallan

LESBIreviewed Favourite Reads of 2020

  1. Hotel Queens by Lee Winter

2. Whispering Wildwood by Emma Sterner Radley

3. Before You Say I Do by Clare Lydon

4. Backwards To Oregon by Jae

5. Alias by Cari Hunter

6. Model Behaviour by Claire Highton Stevenson

7. Nightingale by Andrea Bramhall

8. Lightning Strikes by Cass Sellars

9. Four Movements by Sally Xerri-Brooks

10. Sparks by Kit Mallory

2 thoughts on “2020 ROUNDUP

  1. Judy Cunningham says:

    I love the lists, but was flummoxed Harrow the Ninth didn’t make any! I thought it was one of, if not the best book of 2020! Although not for everyone, Tamsyn Muir’s writing is prolific and mesmerizing. Thank you so much for letting me vent!


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