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Mary, Everything by Cassandra Yorke

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Adventure with a twist!

Courtney finds herself assigned to a new project where she is haunted by a 1920s yearbook filled with familiar things but she doesn’t remember the experience. She meets Sadie, a mysterious girl who completely changes her life, from back in 1921 who, with quite the team of allies, one of which includes Mary, who means more to Courtney that she remembers, is up against the clock to save Courtney from the dangers lurking for her.

An intriguing and quite different story, mixing historical and fantasy genres in a clever and exciting way. When I started this story, I figured it had something to do with time-travelling and all that sci-fi type stuff but it was so much more. It was quite a complex story but to help clarify points in time and points of view, Cassandra has cleverly built the story in parts and chapters that made it easy to follow and know what was going on (without really knowing why it was all going on!) at every point.

I loved that mix of past and present, especially where Courtney was experiencing that sense it was all familiar, but confused by how it could even be possible. The fact we got such an intimate look at the situation and circumstances, not only from Courtney’s point of view, but also Sadie’s, Mary’s and other characters really helped add depth to the story.

This is the first book in a series, which looks to be very promising and unique. I am excited to see what the past future holds in store for Courtney, Mary, and Sadie and seeing how their future’s and relationship holds in store. Although some of the concepts are quite dark, and for Courtney, utterly terrifying, I found this very exciting and all handled most sensitively. It had some wonderfully fun moments, where I was just wowed by the characters and what was happening.

Exciting and action packed, this is definitely an interesting read and one I would recommend to anyone who likes an angsty, drama filled romance, with some unexpected twists and turns.

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