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Hindsight by Jody Klaire

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A great adventure with Aeron!

Aeron and Renee are out on another adventure to trace the footsteps of their friend Frei who has gone missing. Under pressure as other teams are hot on their tail, Aeron and Renee encounter many challenges and have to trust in one another and believe in Aeron’s abilities to help them if they are going to be able to get to Frei in time and protect her.

I always enjoy Aeron’s stories, and Hindsight was no exception. It is book four in the Above and Beyond series and although I feel these stories work well as standalone stories, to get the full experience I highly recommend reading the other books in the series first. I absolutely adore Aeron, as an empath I resonate with her character greatly and love how Jody Klaire portrays Aeron because she not what you expect at all, and with every story her character changes and grows.

I was so excited when I realised what was going to be unfolding in this story when it came to Frei. We met her in the previous story and I adored her character, so it was excited to learn more about her and her past in Hindsight. It is hard to say too much about the story without giving away spoilers, so all I can say is everything with this adventure is definitely a thrill and exciting. I was on the edge of my seat wondering if time was finally up for Frei, Aeron or Renee because at times, my heart was in my throat.

I really enjoyed Hindsight and can’t recommend the Above and Beyond series enough. You can emotionally connect with the story and characters and it really is quite the experience that I just enjoy so much.

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