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Love at Leighton Lake by Samantha Hicks

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Very Sweet!

Tally is recovering from heartache and physical injury at Leighton Lake when she meets Caitlyn, the daughter of her mum’s friend who owns the lake resort. Caitlyn has little memory of her past due an accident years ago, but Tally’s arrival makes her start questioning what she knows and what she has been told until she realises something isn’t right. Even though Caitlyn and Tally can’t deny there is an attraction between them, they are wary of the uncertainty Caitlyn is feeling and effects of the past but their determination to find out the truth about Caitlyn’s past only strengthens their bond.

I really enjoyed this romance. It had drama and angst and yet underlying were all these sweet nods and notions to something more, which as the truth started to come out about past, revealed that Leighton Lake was quite a magical place. There was so much sentiment and connection built into the story for Tally and Caitlyn but as they started to build on mutual feelings and attraction, the tension building that there was something more, the unknown, had me really intrigued as to what they might discover.

I was hooked from the moment Caitlyn and Tally met, sensing something special between them and just hoping whatever was lingering from the past wasn’t going to come with irreparable consequences. They both deserved so much happiness and I wanted so much for them to have it. I was rooting for them the whole time and loved how they had such an intimate connection even though Caitlyn was struggling with past memories. When you think of all the trauma they had endured and then how they were overcoming it even though they know the answers they sought might be just as painful, you had to admire that determination for the truth.

I really enjoyed the story and found a sense of calm, healing, and love within it even though moments were sad and emotional. A lovely story that I highly recommend.

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