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Darcy Comes Home by Jen Silver

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lovey Second Chance Romance!

Darcy has been away for twenty-five years. Upon returning home, she is reunited with Angie. Despite all they have been through, they are presented with a chance to reconnect but it isn’t without complication. When the truth of the past is revealed and all the family drama Darcy has come back to start surfacing and revealing things Darcy hadn’t known before, Angie finally realises that this might be there only chance.

A very sweet, drama filled romance with lots of unexpected twists and turns. At first, I was just rooting for Darcy to not be broken-hearted at all that seemed to be greeting her upon her return, but as everything was being revealed I really felt for her. The past had been most unkind to both Darcy and Angie and the fact they had been parted and the reasons why broke my heart.

There was a lot of sensitive subjects handled in the story, mostly surrounding Darcy’s family and some that affected Angie’s relationships and life too. Jen handled all of them with the upmost care and they were pivotal to delivering a deeply emotional, realistic, second chance romance. They highlighted how no matter what life has thrown at you, or how it has affected you, happiness is still possible.

I adored the messages and the connection shared between Darcy and Angie. Despite all the time away from one another and all that had ensued, when they were together there connection was just natural as if they had never been apart. A lovely story filled with hope but lots of edge of your seat drama and unexpected moments that I highly recommend.

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