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You’ll Be Fine by Jen Michalski

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A very emotional story

Alex returns home following her mother’s death to sort things out but it also presents a work opportunity to profile Juliette, an old flame who now owns a restaurant and is making waves as a celebrity. Carolyn, the editor of the local newspaper is helping Alex when something sparks and begins to develop between them. Returning home wasn’t supposed to be such a journey but Alex is definitely getting more than she bargained for.

A very poignant and moving story that is summed up well by the title. It’s such a carefree and overused phrase that often doesn’t ring true during difficult times but the reality is, it is the truest of phrases because at the end of the day it sums up what happens no matter what. I loved how Jen used the title and wove it into the story in such ways too.

There are a lot of things covered in the story, some quite traumatic and others more sensitive but each is relevant and Jen has handled the inclusion with care and sensitivity. A lot came at Alex upon returning home, which was perfectly understandable. These things tend to come out when you least expect them and when things change or you think you can’t take any more changing but Alex copes with everything in this story so admirably. She remained calm whilst evaluating her situation and circumstances, processing past wounds and those more recent.

I really enjoyed the story, it was simple, easy to follow and while it had deeply emotional moments the connection between Alex and Carolyn was lovely and it was nice they could find some happiness after everything else that had happened.

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