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Bus Driver Brice by A L Conner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Quirky fun adventure!

Brice is no ordinary bus driver. She comes from a family of superheroes and spends her days around those with superpowers but she has no powers herself. Despite disliking adventure, she finds herself inadvertently caught up in helping Noel, an old friend, to save the International High School for Gifted Students from a group of supervillains. In doing so she discovers much about herself, and ends up embroiled in much more than she had anticipated.

This was a lot of fun, very quirky, and packed with everything you could need when superheroes and supervillains are involved. The deception and uncertainty surrounding the mission, adventure, and people Brice ends up meeting added angst to the story and lead to many an unexpected moment. Brice was busy trying to just be herself, live her life, but also find a girlfriend, and not live in the shadows of her talented family. I adored how all of the characters though were so normal, despite all their powers, or lack of in Brice’s case, they just did normal stuff, like paid using credit cards, watched TV, made and ate ice cream.

Brice really was amazing, as soon as you got to know her and what she’d do for other people you just knew she was the kindest, most caring person, and so when she had insecure or vulnerable moments I really felt for her. That was what was so unexpected though, I wasn’t sure she was going to be scared of anything, and yet she was, but each and every time she just tried her best. She was a very realistic and relatable character, worried about things that maybe should not matter but they just do. She had anxieties, worries, the same as anyone else would. I loved how she just embraced it all though, even when doubting herself and unsure, where it involved others, she always put them first.

It was most magical one moment, then down to earth and normal the next. Quite the ride and something completely different for this genre. A unique reading experience that I really enjoyed.

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