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Half Light by Matt Doyle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great to be back with Cassie Tam!

Cassie is on a different type of mission, to discover the truth about New Hopeland City but to do so she needs to work with Angel Tanner, an android running the criminal underworld. Faced with many a challenge but also her most difficult one yet, Cassie has some choices to make about the side she is on, but to do so, she needs to figure out which is which.

I adore this series, and book five, Half Light has been a most perfect way to wrap up a lot of loose ends the rest of the series has eluded to. I definitely recommend reading the other books in this series, as even though you could read the stories standalone, to get the full experience you need to really know Cassie Tam. She is a fantastic Private Investigator, navigating a fantastic world full of wondrous creations that I am sure will one day be a reality (although less criminal mastermind based, I hope!)

Cassie is a strong character and I love that the focus in these books is about Cassie and her mission or adventure more than they are about her relationships. There is a great balance that Matt accomplishes in delivering an engaging mystery thriller, and yet also humanising some of the futuristic feel by allowing some intimate exposure into Cassie’s personal life. The fact that it underlies the story but does not detract from the plot makes it all the more special.

I was gripped by this latest adventure. All Cassie was learning was exciting and made me more and more inquisitive as to what it would all reveal. There was much uncertainty and the way Cassie approached the situation to make informed decisions, learn, and make her own choices is a credit to the amazing development of her character throughout the series.

This whole series has completely captured my imagination and I have found it fascinating so far. I really hope this isn’t the last we have seen of Cassie Tam, because she is fabulous.

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