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Obscured by Charlotte Mills

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Absolutely Awesome!

Lucy is working on a case to uncover the truth about what happened to a young boy whose remains have been found on a farm. While investigating the case, she meets Johanna, who has just been dumped and happens to be somewhat involved in what might have happened. Their friendship quickly develops into something special, and with both Lucy and Johanna searching for the truth, what they’ll find out could change everything.

I was completely addicted to this from the very first chapter. It was gritty, mysterious, and so cleverly constructed that I had no idea what was going to happen. The interlaced snippets of past events helped to build a picture and throw red herrings into the story to obscure the truth, which was very exciting and had me second guessing some of the characters. I was completely shocked by the outcome of this mystery and can safely say there was no way anyone could predict everything revealed throughout this story!

Johanna’s life or what she thought she knew was changing rapidly as Lucy’s investigations came together. My heart broke for her and how she had to relive painful memories and learn truths that would change her future. I’m just glad Lucy was there, she supported Johanna not only through everything she was already going through before the news of the case, but also through their discoveries. They had a great connection and I hope we’ll see them again in future stories.

Lucy was such a strong and determined character, even though she had her own vulnerabilities. She was very clever and clearly dedicated to her work, which I very much admired. She’ll no doubt solve many difficult cases in her career as she has an ability to look beyond what is right in front of her and investigate based on her curious nature into people and circumstances.

Cannot recommend this story enough! I know my review cannot do enough justice for just how cleverly crafted this is and the talents that Charlotte has for delivering great mystery stories that leave you wanting to know more and completely invested in solving them with the characters. Looking forward to Charlotte’s next book and very excited to uncover the next mystery!

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