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Catch by Kris Bryant

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Having landed a dream job with an NFL team, Sutton who made history as the first female quarterback in her high school team, she comes face to face with her past. When Grayson is signed, his wife Parker finds herself confronting decisions she made in the past to try and make up for lost time with Sutton.

What a fantastic story! Combining snippets of the past to explain the issues Sutton, Parker, and Grayson were facing now made a dynamic that gave depth, insight, and understanding on such an intimate level. The story was very cleverly constructed, with a cast of great characters adding drama, tension, and a lot of self-reflection for all the characters.

Sutton was a complete star and not just in the world of NFL and football. She was kind, caring, considerate, passionate, and all round just a good person. She had no agenda, considered the consequences and effects of hers others actions in everything she did, and she was a good sport. There were loads of great moments in this, both in the present and the past that really endorsed Sutton’s great character and provided background that helped to understand her decisions, and those made by Parker and Grayson too.

I just couldn’t put this down. Every chapter was a revelation of one thing or another and it left me hungry for more. It really was a story about acceptance and never giving up on your dreams. I loved that it wasn’t too heavy on sports, and really focused on everyone’s emotions and feelings. Sutton had hope, and hope was enough. With some patience, hard work, and just a little bit of luck she ended up with everything she wanted but it was no easy ride.

I adored this so much and know I can’t wait to read it again. A real must read!

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