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Hotel Fantasy by Piper Jordan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sensual and sexy…

Lexi runs a hotel that accommodates the fantasies of their guests but she never indulges in the pleasures of her business. When Molly turns up with a personal request only Lexi can assist with she can’t help but be intrigued and drawn into the wonders of her own creation.

Such and fun novella with loads of potential for you to escape beyond the story itself. I loved the premise and the perspective being shared by both Lexi and Molly’s points of view. What is wonderful is how intimate it is. With only really Molly and Lexi as the focus, a just a couple of additional characters you can really immerse yourself in getting to know them well and really understanding the deep and meaningful connection they were sharing.

It wasn’t just your typical erotica either, there was depth and so much meaning between Lexi and Molly. The circumstances that had lead Molly to Lexi were really exciting and something special, much more so than it originally appeared it might be. Getting all those details made the story that little more special and super enjoyable.

A great read that you can indulge in again and again for a little treat!

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