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Love and Lattes by Karis Walsh

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Bonnie’s cat café has become the only location desired for a local wedding, and when the wedding planner Taryn turns up, Bonnie is reluctant to let it happen. Taryn has other ideas, and when she works out she can offer to help Bonnie in a way she really can’t refuse they join forces to help shelter cats find the loving forever homes they deserve.

I was a total emotional wreck reading this. It’s animals, they always get me, but homeless animals that loving and caring people want to make sure those animals find the forever home and love they deserve just emotionally tugs at my heart, my head, everything. Bonnie was such a caring person and although Taryn tried not to admit it, I knew under the surface she was kind and caring and just wanted love to be for everyone, including the gorgeous cats at the café.

There was a little tension to begin with between Taryn and Bonnie but it was playful, a little flirty, and Taryn’s scheme really worked. I was in awe of her but knew it came from a special place in her heart, not a completely selfish move to get what she wanted, which is how she wanted it to seem. I loved Taryn’s character development the most though. Those cats each had their own little personality and I knew it was going to be more than Bonnie that won her heart and had her considering what room she had in her heart for love and the future.

A great story that I truly adored. There were great moments of comedy, real heart felt and emotional ones, and others that were just so sweet and lovely. If you’re not sold by the adorable kitten picture on the front of the book, which you should be, you’ll be hooked as soon as you finish that first chapter.

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