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Rosemary by Nat Burns

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Lily finds her daughter Birdie called upon to save Earth but Birdie is not solely responsible. With the help of Rosemary, who is just as special as Birdie, they have face all that threatens them while seeking revenge. With things developing between Birdie and Rosemary, Lily also has challenges only she can face to protect everyone.

Highly charged, emotional, sci-fi adventure with exciting premise and lots of mystery. I really enjoyed this story, despite not having read the first book in the series. Nat provides enough background for you to understand what has happened and what is at stake, who the characters are, how they are connected and what is happening. There was much that intrigued me, from the hybrid nature of Birdie and Rosemary to Lily’s background and all she faced not only with Birdie, but her own personal relationship and life.

Essentially this really was a story about team work, love, and family. Everyone was supportive. Came together when it really mattered, and were selfless in knowing what they had to do. Stories that have a time limit on the missions being completed are always exciting, it’s that race against time that has you desperate to know if the characters can really do this or has the threat become bigger than something within their control. There was a lot of emotion embedded within this adventure. Lily really had so much at stake but so did Birdie. Rosemary was a mystery to her until they met and joined forces. As soon as they did, it became clearer all that had been happening to Birdie and what awaited her for the future.

Lily was dedicated, as strong as Birdie and Rosemary and a really admirable characters. I hope this isn’t the last we see of any of them as I am sure there is more excitement and adventure to come.

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