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Changing Times by Jen Silver

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Deep and meaningful!

Thirty years after meeting Camila, Dani is hopeful happiness can be found for her nieces, Holly and Luc. Luc has been through challenges that Dani herself has been through, struggling with family coming to terms with her sexuality and connection with Em, who is suddenly back in their life. Holly, always supportive of Luc, isn’t having an easy time when problems at work that affect Luc and other close friends but her in difficult positions.

This was lovely. Having read Dani and Camila’s story in Changing Perspectives, it was so exciting to generationally move forward and catch up with them as they supported Holly and Luc in ways they’d not had. Luc’s story broke my heart, they had been through so much they didn’t deserve. Being a good person just isn’t enough for others to not judge personal choices, and Luc never should have had to suffer any of the prejudices but they’d really grown from them as a result, and that was clear from the way they treated others.

Jen has done a fantastic job of inclusivity in this story, exploring lots of different preferences, couples and situations, to bring true representation for all. Each and every character has a part to play in shaping how life would play out now for Luc and Holly as they both entered into relationships and tried to move their lives forward. The contrasts between Luc’s relationship with Em, and Holly’s with Tessa, meant they had more as siblings to connect over. They had a dedication to one another that was unrivalled and it was great they were surrounded by so much love and support when their own, or Em’s mother made things difficult.

There were a lot of moments in this story where the characters, even those it seemed wouldn’t, had a chance to grow and start putting right past wrongs. It really was a perfect representation of how times can change but in some circumstances time still moves slowly or isn’t as progressive as it really should be when compared with the past.

A very emotional, thought-provoking story, that tugged at the heart strings while leading to happier times for all.

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