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Deuce by Jen Silver

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An intriguing and lovely story!

Jay’s life hasn’t exactly gone to plan, she no longer has her tennis career and when the past comes back out of the blue she is relieved but anxious as to how Charlotte will react to all that happened, and may happen between them now. Charlotte, her missing lover who was lost at sea has returned, but now it’s not only Jay’s life that has been turned upside down. Tess, Amanda, and other family members all find themselves impacted by Charlotte returns.

I was very intrigued by this story as soon as I started. There were a number of lives that entwined and were to be impacted by Charlotte’s return and I loved how Jen interwove them all. It was such a mystery what had happened to Charlotte but all these connections meant her memory had never been forgotten, especially not by Jay.

There were so many moments in this book that were important (and one tiny reference I adored, so if you know me and you’ve read the book I bet you can guess what it was). Jen explores a lot in Charlotte and Jay’s story, not only the consequences of the past coming back up and invading your life again, literally turning it upside down, but the impact of decisions the characters made in their time apart, and the impact upon other people’s lives. Every piece of the puzzle in this story had the characters reacting differently.

I think Charlotte’s character, the main focus of the story no matter which character’s point of view we were experiencing was most important. In one way or another she was about to change life for everyone connected to her and Jay, not just herself. Given all Charlotte had been through since being lost, she handled everything very well. A lot had changed and trying to remember things as they were and embracing them now must have been very difficult. It was the fact she still hoped Jay would have feelings for her that got to me, because when she remembered all she and Jay had before, I hoped just as much they could find it again.

Jen has covered a lot in this story, and by giving the point of view of many of the characters built up a story where we really got to engage with the effects Charlotte’s return had. The entwined stories added a lot of drama, and had me not only thinking about a whole host of important things and issues, but also contemplating them from every character’s point of view too.

I really enjoyed Deuce. It was a different kind of story, very much focusing on self-discovery, being true to yourself, and embracing differences. So I highly recommend this story and hope anyone reading it really enjoys it because it is just one of those stories that makes you believe in happy ever after.

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