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Wave in D Minor by Laury A. Egan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Poetic, emotional and passionate!

Leslie is offered the chance of a lifetime to compose her opera supported by a generous patron. Working in such solitude is a new concept to Leslie and as she adjusts to her temporary home, she meets Matti and has opera singers visit to help her. Sasha, one of the singers catches her eye and so Leslie has to explore all these new feelings and sensations that somewhat mirror those of her creative work.

I really enjoyed this story. It flowed in a most rhythmic and poetic way, ups and downs that worked well with the title and although I know little of opera, the whole things leant so well to being an opera of its own. It was exciting and completely different from anything I have read before in this genre. The fact that there were so many twists and turns, lots of unexpected events, and some shocking revelations just added to the intensity of the drama being created.

A very wonderful relationship ensued between Leslie and her work, her creativity was so ingenious and again when Sasha arrived it was brilliant to see how that not only affected Leslie personally but in her work too. So much emotion was stirred up that she had to deal with, explore, and some of the drama that accompanied all that was quite forward and yet also it had a feel of being forbidden too.

Despite the many darker moments in the story, of which many were harrowing realisations but suited the story well and gave it that dramatic flair and edge, it was most sentimental and moving in many ways. I really enjoyed the story, all the sensations while being immersed in such creativity, and hope you will enjoy it too.

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