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XO by Sara Rauch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Insightful, honest, and raw

Sara’s memoir follows her journey of being in a relationship a woman only to find herself in an affair with a married man on the same writing program.

I was instantly intrigued by Sara’s memoir, it is very honest, exploring everything Sara experienced and bravely sharing it all with us. It is always fascinating to get a glimpse of someone else’s experience in such a way, and I feel very honoured that Sara wanted to share. There is a lot of representation in Sara’s memoir, a bisexual experience that many can probably relate to, which was nice to read about and it is really appreciated Sara has shared so much.

It was quite the emotional journey, lots of feelings ignited by different experiences that were deep, poetic in many ways, soul searching accounts of snippets and moments that were private and felt quite sentimental.

A really interesting and intriguing read, that was very educational in many ways but also empowering, so I definitely recommend.

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