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Beloved Enemy by Margaret Dickinson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Quite the adventure!

Ellie travels to Puerto Rico on business to meet with Carla Valdez and win a deal of her career. On arrival she finds herself seduced not only by Carla but by the country and people. When things take a complicated turn and Ellie finds herself up front and centre in the middle of rivalry between Carla and a gangster who also wants the land.

I loved how this story started out so innocently and I thought I knew where it was going, then suddenly twists and turns made it an exciting adventure that had me on the edge of my seat. There was an instant tension between Ellie and Carla that made for an intriguing dynamic, and did have me wondering if Carla wasn’t quite all she seemed. She had a power and charm though that had Ellie won over in no time, and as soon as Ellie allowed herself to be loved, just a little, it was a magical moment.

Ellie’s character was really brought to life when she had developed her feelings for Carla. She really showed how loyal, passionate and dedicated she was. So much more than she had when she was doing those things for the sake of business. It was that personal connection that really added depth to the darker side of the story that ended up putting her in the face of dangers, not just physical but emotional too. Ellie was faced with some tough choices but each one she made was definitely a step in the right direction for her.

The story was sensual, passionate, and filled with action and adventure that really got you invested in whether Ellie was going to get it all or lose it for the sake of pride and her career. A very exciting read.

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